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Terms and Conditions

1. General

Our bookings are tailored to group requirements and so bookings are subject to availability. 

2. Price and Payment

We reserve the right to alter the prices of any trips shown on our website or set out in information received by you from us at any time before your booking is confirmed. You will be advised of the current price before your booking is confirmed. Prices quoted are Euro prices based on daily currency exchange rates current at the time of payment.

The price of your trip is inclusive of taxes and where applicable, additional fees and charges and other costs as set out in your trip information pack.  Where items included become unavailable, they can be substituted with an item of similar value or function. 

Your trip price does not include anything not included in the trip information pack.

Please note that all payments must be made in the currency of invoice, Euro. Payments taken on debit or credit card will also be taken in Euro and so if you are a customer whose payment card is not denominated in Euro the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction. We also accept payment by bank transfer, using the Euro exchange rate on the date of transfer.

In all cases, in order to make a booking, a nonrefundable deposit of 20 % of the price will be required. The balance payment is due 8 weeks in advance of the intended departure date. If the booking is made less than 8 weeks before departure, the full price of the trip will be payable on booking. Your booking confirmation will advise the balance payment due date. If, following the payment of a deposit at the time of booking, any balance remains unpaid within 8 weeks of the intended departure date, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled. 

Your place on the trip is not reserved until your deposit has been received by us and you have received a confirmation email from us.

Your confirmation email also acts as your receipt for your deposit and/or balance payment.

3. Cancellation

Failure to pay by 8 weeks prior to the beginning of your trip may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

If you cancel before 8 weeks prior to departure you will be entitled to a full refund minus your  nonrefundable deposit of 20 %. 
If you cancel at or within 8 weeks to departure, no refund will be provided. 
4. Transfers
You may transfer your booking to another person if 7 days written notice is provided to us from you. Any additional fees, charges or other costs incurred as a result of transferring your booking will be passed onto you with these costs being advised to you before the transfer happens. We will also charge an amendment fee of €75 for any transfer. It is up to you whether or not you cover the transfer costs and/or how you recover the cost of the trip from the person to whom you transfer the booking.
5. Insurance

It is a condition of this contract that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you before, during and after your trip. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred by you or any member of your party before, during or after your trip as a consequence of inappropriate or insufficient travel insurance being purchased.  

6. Passports, Visas and Health Formalities

Most countries now require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after your return. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that you, and anyone traveling with you, will be able to obtain, and will be in possession of, all necessary travel documents/visas in advance of travel. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that you and all members of your party will be able to comply with all health formalities for the destination concerned. We will not accept liability if you or any member of your party is refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your/their part to carry correct documentation or to comply with relevant health formalities. 

7. Limitation of and Restrictions of Liability

Village Voyage acts only in the capacity of agent for the suppliers of travel services as set out in your tour information pack and/or providing goods or services arising out of or in connection with your tour.  Village Voyage assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury (whether personal injury or other), accident, delay, inconvenience, irregularity or other, howsoever caused that arises out of or in connection with goods or services provided by Village Voyage in furtherance of your tour. 

Village Voyage provides group trip services and accordingly you are responsible for respecting and complying with the authority and/or requirements and/or directions of any tour guide or activity organiser during a trip.  We hope this will never be the case but should your behaviour not be in compliance with Village Voyage's ethos (i.e., respect and care for the group) we reserve the right to exclude you from participating in a part or all of the trip. Respect and care for the group automatically excludes behaviour that is non compliant with the law of the country where the trip is taking place and behaviour that is, inter alia, offensive, inappropriate, interferes with the trip's schedule or programmed activities or more generally renders the trip more difficult for the rest of a given group. We will not take a decision to exclude you lightly but will do so in our sole discretion. You may also determine not to participate in elements of the trip's schedule at your sole discretion and without refund as to any cost thereto related. 

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any liability to third parties arising out of you or your trip member's actions or omissions. Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate in a trip and parents or guardians of minors hereby assume full responsibility for minors at all times during the trip's duration. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against our liability, if any and howsoever caused, to third parties arising out of you and your companions, including any minor companion's actions or omissions.

8. Digital Rights

By participating in a trip you agree to provide us (and any third party with whom we deem necessary ) a license to use your photo, video or image (digital or other) always and only for furtherance of our promotional, advertising and/or commercial purposes. 

You may opt out of this by providing us in writing with your express desire not to provide such a license.

9. Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

Any claim you wish to make arising out of participation in a trip must be presented within 30 days after your trip ends and filed within one year of any incident. You understand and waive your right to any further time otherwise provided by the applicable Statute of Limitations. 

This contract is governed by French law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts.