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We’ve been traveling with multiple kids for over 6 years. From short distance train and car travel to long haul flights halfway around the world, pull your hair out kinda travel. We are child travel experts and what we’ve learned is what we were already told - it really does take a village. 

It takes a village to thrive when traveling with a child. It takes a village to support you as the mother and caretaker. We’ve been there. We get it. It’s HARD

It’s easier if we do it together though. That’s something else we’ve learned - together is better.


Was lucky enough to grow up in a family where travel was lived to broaden the mind and made memories to hold onto for a lifetime. By the time she was 18, she had already visited 5 continents (and this was back in the 90's!) so living and working abroad came natural. So that’s what she did, in the US, Asia, and various cities in Europe including a 5 year stint in the City of Light.

As a long time yogi, she prided herself on stress less, go with the flow travel. Lost luggage; flight cancellations and rerouting, long security queues were all water off this yogi's back. But then came the reality of traveling with kids (including twins and a baby) and all that zen went out the window.

The only option for a travel bug mom was to get organized - find the hacks that really work and keep trying! Because it’s always worth it.


Caught the travel bug after her first trip to Paris from the US with her mom and grandma at the age of 9. She counted down the days to that trip and purchased a whole new wardrobe of leggings and oversized sweaters from Brass Plum.

On the trip, she bought one of those cheesy Eiffel Tower models for about 50 cents and still has it today. It reminds her of that precious time with her mom and grandma. A trip where the possibilities in life felt endless. 

Fast forward 30 years, she now lives in Paris with her 2 daughters (ages 6 and 4). Here comes her real world experience, she has traveled to more than 30 countries with her kids! Moreover, she's earned her stripes traveling with her children during the frequent school “vacances” and “greves” in France. 

We know how to do this. Let us set you up for success so you can be the best version of yourself - for you and your child.