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Village Voyage


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Want to create incredible memories with your child while making new friends against a stylish backdrop?

That’s Village Voyage. 

Moments they and you will hold onto dearly in the years to come. Moments so special that you’re not quite sure how, but it feels like the whole trip was personalized just for you and your daughter.

Because it really does take a village

Less losing your cool, more connection. Less isolation, more community. Less hustle, more flow. We anticipate the details so you can maximize the precious time you have with your child.

Maximize Time

Let the Village Step In

Make every moment count.” “They grow up so fast.” Are just a few adages full of expectation that place more pressure on us moms to make everything perfect. Offload that pressure and expectation onto us!

Unexpected Moments

Our passion is creating high end Mother-Daughter trips that will have you take in the must-see sights, but also discover the hidden gems. And all in the most child friendly way. Think less whining, less “are we there yet”, less “this is boring”. And more unexpected moments, more giggles...more “Mom you’re the best” in some of the most spectacular places in the world.

Upscale Family Travel

Let us help you spend memorable time together in standout locales among other mothers on a similar journey. This is upscale family travel without the headaches and downgraded destinations that “child friendly” travel normally demands.

Meet New Friends

With a little bit more support and socialization for you, activities your child will remember and look forward to, you can be the best version of yourself. You know, that mom who is cool, calm and collected (read: fictional) mother? Well, maybe not exactly like her, but a little bit closer to her and definitely having more fun along the way.

Upcoming Trip

PARIS: To Be Announced

This upscale five day trip will take you to some of Paris’ diamonds like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, River Seine as well as a few of its hidden gems. We’ll eat (and bake) some amazing food too!

The trip is centered around maximizing your mother-daughter time. Each day we balance the rhythm and needs of your child with sightseeing, culinary delights and mama moments (think yoga, champagne, manicure etc.).